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Posted on January 07 2020

Hi Ladies,
We hope you are all having a safe start to the new year!
You would all be aware of the horrendous bush fire crisis in our beautiful country right now. Every one of us at Four Love Fashion either knows someone directly affected, or travels to some of these areas for family holidays. The loss of so much is utterly devastating.
We would like to send our heartfelt sorrow to all those who are affected. Four Love Fashion is pleased to have helped in a small way by way of cash donations to supporting charities.
We have individually made product donations to local drives and are still looking for ways to help. We thought that many of our customers who have kids are also seeing the news and wanting to help. One nice idea that we saw this morning was sending thank you messages to our firies.  My kids were so happy to be able to show their thanks in such a way. 
If you would like to be involved, the addresses to post these drawings and notes are at the bottom of this link.
Ofcourse we extend our sincere thanks to all the different 'HEROS' involved with this crisis.  From fighting the fires, to evacuating towns and people now running crisis centres. THANK YOU!
Let's all pray for rain and an end to this horror very soon.
With love, Katie & Mazz and the FL Girls xo

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