3 ingredient snacks your kids will love

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Posted on September 24 2019

3 ingredient snacks your kids will love

Feel like the kids are eating you out of house and home? These nutritious snacks will actually satisfy your littlies. Plus, they’re made with just three simple ingredients and are far healthier than the usual packet of chips or sugary muesli bar.

1. A loaded apple

A sliced apple topped with a tablespoon of natural peanut butter and a sprinkle of chia seeds is the perfect blend of fibre for a healthy gut and good fats to keep your little one’s ticker in good nick.

2. Cheese and crackers

For a boost of bone-strengthening calcium that’s crucial for growing bodies, top a couple of wholegrain crackers with a slice or two of reduced-fat cheese. For extra points in the nutrition stakes, add a few slices of tomato for a serve of all-important veg.

3. Pancakes

Pancakes... say what?! Yes – there is such a thing as pancakes that are healthy and good for you, too. On those days when you’ve got a little extra time, blitz a ripe banana with an egg and some almond meal, then fry. Your kids will love them!

4. Homemade ice blocks

In the warmer months, kids love nothing more than an icy-cold treat when they walk in the door from school. A mixture of plain reduced-fat yoghurt, raspberries and blueberries will mean your littlies can join in on the fun without the sugar rush. Simply blend and pour into ice block moulds, then freeze.

5. Microwave omelette

For an easy peasy snack you can cook in the microwave, crack a couple of eggs in a mug, add a few cherry tomatoes and a sprinkle of reduced-fat cheese. Whisk it all together with a fork and cook it in the microwave, and you’ve got a protein-packed snack with the added bonus of calcium and fibre thanks to cheese and veg. 

6. Ants on a log

Another idea with veggies in mind, this snack is brimming with fibre. All you have to do is fill celery sticks with hummus and top them with a few sultanas – and voila! Your kids will hardly notice they’re eating vegetables.

7. Savoury toast

A slice of wholegrain toast is a great between meal bite because it provides slow-burning energy to fuel hours of play (or homework). But if your children simply refuse to eat anything brown or grainy, a high-fibre white loaf is a good compromise. For a savoury spin, top a slice with a quarter of an avocado for healthy fats and a little reduced-fat feta.

8. Sweet toast

Another option on the toast train, this one’s for those who prefer things sweet. Again, opt for a wholegrain loaf, then top it with reduced-fat ricotta cheese for a boost of bone-strengthening calcium and strawberries for natural sweetness.

9. Crunchy chickpeas

Legumes are a superfood in every sense of the word – they’re brimming with nutrients, are associated with a tonne of health benefits, and don’t cost a fortune, either. Roasted chickpeas are a good way to get your littlies started on these superstars – simply pat them dry, drizzle with olive oil and bake till crispy, then toss them through garlic powder and dried rosemary. Delish!

10. Chocolate bananas

Being healthy is all about balance – which is why my final snack idea is a little bit decadent. For a healthier treat that combines the goodness of fruit and nuts, thread a peeled, ripe banana onto a paddle pop stick, then freeze. Once frozen, add a drizzle of melted dark chocolate and a sprinkle of chopped almonds.

By Melissa Meier 

Melissa Meier is an online and Sydney-based Accredited Practising Dietitian. You can connect with her at www.honestnutrition.com.au or on Instagram @honest_nutrition.

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